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Clare Controls Doorbell Camera Issue

 I purchased this doorbell camera and works fine with it's phone app.  I'm trying to get it to work with Bluecherry.   Bluecherry discovered and created the profile using  rtsp, with /h264/ch01/main/av_stream.  I get a live view, but it will not record from the stream.  It shows one second recordings whether is motion or continuous. 

Has anyone seen this before and have a solution?

Checking the log, I'm getting the following below.  Note that I tried iSPY and it can record.  I'm planning on swapping out my Bluecherry drive with my Zoneminder drive to check on it, along with another product when I get the time.

Oct 10 19:39:18 ubuntu bc-server[1155]: E(9/ Error writing frame to recording:  Invalid data found when processing input
Oct 10 19:39:18 ubuntu bc-server[1155]: E(9/ Failure in recording writing


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