Adding / Managing network (IP) cameras

            This section covers adding and managing analog cameras. A Bluecherry hardware compression card is required for use with analog cameras and our software.

            Select Devices from the menu

            By default the ‘IP Cameras’ section is minimized, click on the ticket will expand the view.

            All IP cameras will be displayed in this section. To add a new network / IP camera, simply click ‘Add an IP camera’

            Select manufacturer

            The first step is to select a manufacturer. If your camera isn’t listed then click here to read about adding a Generic camera

            Select the camera manufacturer model

            For ease of use we try to keep current with each manufacturers camera models. As you can imagine, this is a daunting task. If your camera isn’t in the list, try a model close to it. If you need help, post a problem on and we will help you.

            Adding an IP camera

            1. Camera name – This is your descriptive title for the name or location of the camera. This will show up in Bluecherry logs and in the client / web interface, so make sure it is descriptive enough to know what it is from a list of cameras.
            2. Camera IP or Host – The IP or hostname of the camera. It is recommended that you login to the IP camera and give it a static IP address.
            3. Username – The username that you use to login to the camera
            4. Password – The password that you use to login to the camera
            5. Advanced settings – This allows you to view and change RTSP path settings and port numbers

            From the advanced settings you can change the Path to RTSP and MJPEG, along with the MJPEG and RTSP port. If we have the wrong RTSP path for a camera model, please let us know so we can update our records.

            Updated: 17 Sep 2018 07:49 AM
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