Motion detection settings

            Motion detection settings

            Select ‘Motion detection settings’ from the ‘Settings’ menu

            The motion detection section can be broken down into three parts

            1. Pre-event and post event buffers – Each camera can be individually set to have its own pre-event and post-event buffer. This value is measured in seconds, and allows for pre and post event recording to be added automatically once a motion event occurs.
            2. Sensitivity settings – Each location on the grid above can be changed to a different value. The supported values are off (no motion detected in this grid), minimal, low, average, high and very high. # Selecting a ‘low’ sensitivity setting would mean that more motion would need to occur in that selected grid location to ‘trip’ the motion detection recording. Selecting ‘very high’ would change the sensitivity value so very little movement would need to occur in that grid to ‘trip’ the motion detection recording.
            3. Grid selection – As mentioned above, each location on the grid can be changed to different values. Simply select the type of sensitivity you want from the levels above, then click on the grid. You can also hide the image to better set the grid locations if the image from the camera is too bright.

            *Note: Changes are not made until you click ‘Save changes’.

            Settings -> Schedule

            By default each camera uses the ‘Global schedule’ (see #1 on the image above). However it is possible to use a different schedule for each device. To enable this, click the ‘Use device-specific schedule for this camera’ and click ‘Save changes’

            Device-specific schedules

            From this section you can select which hours on which days you want certain recording to occur. In this example motion will be detected on Monday – Friday between 5 AM and 2 PM.

            Setting the schedule to ‘Continuous’ will record for the entire duration. Every 15 minutes a new video file will be started.
            Setting the schedule to ‘Motion’ will recording motion for the duration of the motion event, plus the pre and post event times (if selected)
            Setting the schedule to ‘Off’ will disable any recording from occuring during the selected time.

            Updated: 17 Sep 2018 07:47 AM
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