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Easy SSL certificate install

At times Apache can be a beast to install SSL certs. A quick and easy SSL install for the web interface would be nice

Would be nice for installs that have web access, to make things more secure.

Blue cherry should purchase a cert from a CA and provide a signed cert to all paying customers to install on server.

That isnt what I said. I said Bluecherry should buy a cert ** for Bluecherry ** from an SA instead of self-signing and then issue certs to paying customers to install on their servers by creating a new cert and signing with the official Bluecherry cert (will be verfiiable since it is in the SA chain). This will prevent the browser from complaining that it is a self-signed cert (very annoying and completely unnecessary). The other advantage is that you can use the cert for signing software to guarantee to customers that it is the original and not modified (non-repudiation).

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