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FreeBSD Support

ZFS alone is reason to port BlueCherry DVR to FreeBSD.

Agreed... you get this running on FreeBSD you'll have a whole community of FreeNAS users interested including myself.

Absolutely. I'm currently running Bluecherry on FBSD via a VM of the BC Ubuntu distro-- it would be massively faster native while enabling one to take full advantage of ZFS snapshotting and other nifity tricks. It's also considerably more stable and easier to manage.

Perhaps it would be possible to offer a FBSD distro that only supports IP cameras, versus all of the breakout cards.

Make this happen please. Shouldn't be too hard since both Linux and BSD are similar.

i would think a freenas plugin could be easily created in a ubuntu jail?

How about OpenMediaVault as a NAS OS? It's already a Deb based system...

@ Paul S: Just curious, with your particular situation using Ubuntu in a VM on top of a FreeBSD system, have you considered piping the Bluecherry feeds over NFS to the ZFS volume? I ran a similar setup a while back using ownCloud (at the time) on Ubuntu Server in a VM with the data directory pointed to a local directory that was just an NFS share piping back to a location within my bare metal RAID array attached to the host OS. It worked quite well and allowed me to keep the OS/cloud in the VM, but keep my data on the hardware and not in a virtual disk. I know NFS may add some degree of overhead, but I can't imagine it'd be a deal breaker, and likewise you'd have the ZFS-related utilities underneath. Doesn't replace native support, but it might be a good alternative.

@ Chris Huchel: I thought I understood Bluecherry Server is supported on Debian. Full disclosure: I'm not sure I'm understanding properly, but I'm wondering, what are you envisioning in your mind with joining up Bluecherry + OMV? Reason I ask is the Bluecherry Server is something you just kind of install and otherwise manage/control entirely from the Bluecherry Client. I don't have an OMV box around, but if I did I'd be tempted to install BC Server over SSH/terminal, "underneath" OMV I suppose you could say. I haven't tried this scenario, but in theory I would suspect it would operate similarly to a regular Debian or Ubuntu Server based system with your client systems running BC Client and connecting accordingly. Or perhaps I'm not on the same page as what you were thinking?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing at present. NFS does add quite a bit of overhead, but it does the job. I'd really love to have the whole Bluecherry package native, however, as that would completely remove my need for a linux VM, which is quite a resource hog on its own.

OMV is a robust solution for NAS systems, especially DIYs, and it's based on Deb/Ubuntu. I use commercial NASes at work, but only because the ownership feels paid support is more valuable. I use OMV on my home server, and it serves me quite well. Why not use OMV for your NAS OS and install Bluecherry on top of that? All you would have to do is install it, just like you said, "underneath" OMV using the appropriate repository, and it should run fine. In fact, my big DVR at work running Bluecherry is using an older version of Zentyal (Dell PowerVault NS500, 8Tb SAS RAID, 16 GB RAM, Dual Xenon Quad Cores). You are exactly on the same page, you just hadn't read all the page yet ;-)

Edit: You would have to check the web server configs to make sure they're not on the same port. Don't think it's an issue, though.

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