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Make us an option to start/stop motion alarm without loosing trigger view config

I live quite North on our planet and it's snowing here, and the alarm is going highwire on all cameras. It shuld be an easy way to start/stop the alarms without reconfigure the trigger view for each camera when it stops snowing again. if i have 16 cameras and must reconfigure every cam each time........ Im gona loos it ;-)

Its not an option to just disable the cameras as I am sitting and monitoring the cameras in realtime on a seperate monitor.

In zoneminder I can just click on the view of a camera and I get a new window up with "stop alarm" & "Force Alarm" (to usefull options i use alot) and a list of events for that camera.

Would be nice to have some thing simular to that.

I think i can do a quick durty workaround by clear all "off" on in the "Global schedule" , but if I choose to do that the Global scedule get's destroyed and has to be rebuilt manually ....

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