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add option to install/enable samba so video storage directory can be shared easily with windows machines

add checkbox to configuration in user interface(s) which allows the install/enable/configuration of samba so that video can be easily shared with windows machines. also the configuration should allow one to choose which directories/subdirectories to share and to name the samba mount point (configuration file entries in /etc/samba/smb.conf)

It is very common that folks would like access without the bluecherry client. You should make that as easy as possible. And 90+% of all desktops are Windows... So this is a natural.

Even just putting in a basic Samba share for the directories (trivial) would be a big benefit to end customers. I suggest you start simple / basic (covering the immediate need) and then add more value later. Rather than ignore this all together... which is a real need.

by "samba mount point" i meant the "samba share point" (visible to windows)

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