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Crowd fund a real mobile app?

Anyone here consider the option of potentially crowd funding the development of the mobile client? I really like ipcamviewer, I bought pro versions for both my android and iOS devices.. However, I want/need (classify that as you see fit) the ability to review recorded video. I don't have a laptop that I carry with me, and my employer doesn't allow me to install the client on my work PC.

I would happily put down $20 or 30 or even 50 or more to jump start this project. I feel like others would probably do the same.

Just sayin.... it's almost 2015. There's 98 people on the notification list for the iOS client and 170 on the list for Android...

Any more consideration for this? I'm still willing to cough up cash! :D

Agreed! Have problems viewing more than 2 cameras with IP Cam Pro. They are view-able in web client.

There is no need. If you use IP Camera Viewer Pro ($3.99) and configure it to see all you cameras using the Bluecherry RTSP API it works great.

Also works with IP Camera Viewer Lite (FREE) -- if you dont want to pay but you will get ads.

Available on both IOS and Android.

In IP Camera Viewer Pro:

1. Type = Generic RTSP over TCP

2. http://bluecherrydvrserver:7002/live/cameraID

bluecherrydvrserver = public DNS name or IP of your server

cameraID == the integer assigned to your device in the Bluecherry Server admin

3. User & Pass of an authorized Bluecherry User

It is also possible to configure the MJPEG stream... by using "Bluecherry" DVR as the type. But why do that when you can get the RTSP stream.

I have that. You can't search recordings. Among other things. I think it's a great app, but it's not enough.

Shame there isnt a mobile version of the client which would be perfect. Yes the IP Cam Viewer works well for just viewing but like Addison said, there's no viewing recordings.

It's 2018.. A mobile client is needed. Agreed.

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