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add configurable recording interval for video files

It is important that the security data recorded on the machine be backed to a separate location in the event the machine is stolen in a break-in. As I recall, the DVR records 1 video file per day per camera in continuous mode. Please add an option to change the interval of the recorded video files. The interval in my case may go as low as 5 seconds. I realize there is overhead in file creation, but small, near real-time, video files is important for near real-time backups to a secondary location (possibly off-site), and my machine is capable of paying the price of the extra overhead. Please keep in mind that the directory structure will need a little more nesting.

This is not a request to also write the backup solution; that can be handled by admins (eg: rsync).

Also, what happens when a machine loses power or crashes in the middle of recording a video? Is the data corrupted since the session could not be properly closed, or is the file always valid as it is being recorded?

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