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Bundle Synergy Plus with Bluecherry Server-Good for Windows Customers

Good idea to possibly bundle Synergy Plus on the server software, for use when DVR is deployed at customer's offices next to a Windows computer, saves the hassle of a KVM and additional mouse/KB combo. I use it all the time when I've setup other (though Windows based) DVR systems in the past and it adds great convenience

Ya Curtis, Synergy Plus was highlighted on Lifehacker a little over a year ago, and it works great.

I mean, obviously anyone experienced can set this up manually, as I'm doing at my mom's office where her DVR is next to her Windows Desktop, but it would be handy for deployments in the future.

Update: I got synergy successfully installed on BlueCherryDVR V1.0 Server and my Windows 7 Desktop PC, and it works flawlessly on the normal XFCE desktop. However after switching screens (ctrl alt f11) to go to Server Live View, the Linux Synergy client is still connected and Windows sees the mouse "going to the other desktop" however it doesn't interact/work on the Server screen. I'm not too fluent in Linux and the use of screens, so I don't know if this is a BlueCherry or Synergy issue.

Thank you for the insight Curtis

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