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provide option: delete recordings that are Y days old

provide an option to automatically delete recordings that are at least Y days old regardless of % of disk space that is open

Sometimes there is only a need to keep Y days of recordings regardless of the disk space usage. No point to filling up disk with unnecessary recordings.

hi is there any new regarding this ..

we have some legal issues with this!

any news regarding this, due to the swedich regulation we need to have this feture more or less now ;-) we are playing around with storage levels right now and that is not good enugh.. the swedish regulation is saying that you cant store videos older then 30 days on a dvr.. if you dont request for a longer time

Hi Mr. Kenneth,

we'll try to come up with solution at some moment.

For now you can use tiny unix command line with "find" command in crontab, to scan your recordings directories and remove too old files. Bluecherry will cope with lacking media files and cleanup the database records accordingly.

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