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HD-SDI camera integration

There are coming more surveillance camera's to the market with HD-SDI, this off course will give the best video capturing but you will need a specific capture card for HD-SDI. We have been looking around and found some hardware solutions already available together with linux drivers.

That is too bad, I was hoping you guys would support hdsdi.

Hmmm, I'm just finding out about HD-SDI and it's definitely going to be a must have for me. I appreciate all the hard work Bluecherry has put in developing their system as well as the excellent support. I just feel like the whole purpose of me having a camera system is to have the best video possible when I need it most. I almost purchased a few IP cameras recently until YouTube I stumbled on to the whole HD-SDI phenom. Truly amazing. No router IP stuff to deal with and I can leave my existing cabling in place.

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