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motion camera cluster group


I am not sure if it has been suggested before or considered, but I was thinking today about the idea of having a cluster grouping with camera's.

The idea is that say you have a room where you have multiple cameras located in it watching different parts of that room. If one camera has a motion event from someone walking into the room then all cameras in that room start recording. If the person moves from one camera to the next that camera is already recording. This next camera then creates a motion event itself, and keeps everything recording in this defined region until the person leaves the area completely.

I am thinking this could be fairly easily added to the existing config by just having a "cluster" group definition which a camera could be added to. If any camera in that cluster has a motion event then all cameras in that clusters record.

The reason for this idea was I recently had a situation where someone attempted to break into our property. Gladly they didn't get in, and we recorded some good IR images which the police are now looking at. The whole situation created an interesting run through what we needed to provide the police, and what could be proven. Things like showing they had jumped the front gate, rather than just wandered in an open gate.

In this case we had multiple outdoor cameras covering a lane way inside the gate and other areas around the property. Some triggered, but others didn't due to parts of the image being excluded due to heavy foot traffic during the day (normally I exclude triggering on someone walking past the front gate as lots of people walk past it). In an ideal world in this extreme situation it would be nice to get as much capture from all cameras as possible.

Maybe an idea not too difficult to implement? In the end, I am so glad our bc system worked so well!



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I have similar issues. I have resorted to having 2 feeds in Bluecherry for each camera, one set for 24x7 recording and the other for motion detection. The motion detection feed will show me if there were any events, and the 24x7 feed will capture the pre/post of the event.

This uses double licenses for each camera and takes up a huge amount of space so a motion detection event on any camera triggering all camera's to start recording would be desirable.

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