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Back up all settings from web interface

Similar to saving a router's settings for later use (or for replicating into a new server), save all the usernames and passwords, camera settings and names, etc. into a file I could download? Could come in handy for replicating a server or backing up the system.

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This is something we have considered, and it is actually mostly implemented, but it was disabled temporarily while we were still actively working on the database.

You can test it by uncommenting (removing "<!--" and "!-->" line 52 in /usr/share/bluecherry/www/template/main.admin.php Please note that while it should work as intended this feature was not tested in the recent releases: you should be able to create a backup and to restore (duplicate) it later, but using it to "roll-back" the server may cause some conflicts.

This feature should be fully supported in one of our next releases.



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