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Administrator login levels

Often we come across the problem customers need the possibility to have more then one admin login with limited access but still capable of changing user/password, assigned cameras, etc.. within there own account.


So basically they need an ability to edit their own account settings (including allowed/restricted cameras), but not the general (camera, schedule, etc) settings -- do I understand the idea correctly?

Curtis, Alex..

There are two account options; Administrator and User where Admin has all privileges and Users have assigned camera access, web access, remote access and backup access if selected. If there would be the possibilty to have a Super User with control over predefined Users and specific settings for those accounts it solves our problem.

For example when a customer and also building owner has a camera installation setup but he has got different companies renting units in the same building. They would prefer or insist on having there own separate secure account.

Administrator - Building owner

Super User - Company manager

Users - Employees


A degree of Admin privileges would suite our needs as well. I need the user to be able to change camera settings, such as weather or not to setup motion capture, continuous, or turn record off. Also we need the user to be able to change brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation settings as well.

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