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Motion detection events from outside sources

We still cannot use motion detection on our camera system because of the smearing issue (even after upgrading to a higher-clocked quad-core processor). Many of the better IP cameras on the market can do motion detection on-board. Could there be a way to trigger a motion event from the IP cameras software instead of decoding the video in real-time?


We have not upgraded to the latest unstable version. In the beginning of November we had contacted Bluecherry about this issue (again), but never received an updated PPA or a link to the branch with the unstable version.

I will upgrade our unit later today or tomorrow, thanks.

It would still be nice to offload the motion detection onto the cameras though. I am getting ready to setup a system with around 32 cameras (mostly IP) and we are going to need a MASSIVE server just to do motion detection. The analog cards are nice because of the on-board motion detection, but the quality is just so low vs megapixel IP cameras.

Thanks for the heads up. (we are running Precise)

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