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Client binaries for armhf architecture

Is there any chance you could roll out the client to support the armhf architecture? I've configured HTPC's using Raspberry Pi's in the past. I'd like to try out an idea for mounting the devices to monitors and launching the Bluecherry client from Raspbian on boot. I'm not sure if the Pi has the power to run it, but it should. This would be an cost effective way to allow for multiple viewing stations, controlled with wireless handheld keyboard/remotes, to be placed throughout a building. If you can supply the client binary, I can report back on the results.

Just my 5 cents to add.

Currently we're going to fix some bugs in bluecherry-client and some dependencies of it are going to change (e.g. dependency on gstreamer 0.10 stuff is going to be dropped). When this is done, it will be good time for anybody interested to add such support for ARM, because bluecherry-client is open source (however, must be not trivial to build at the moment, this is going to be improved, too).

Thank you Curtis for the reply. Thanks Andrey for the detailed explanation.

Andrey, I hadn't realized bluecherry-client was open source. I got this up and running on the Pi. It's actually running pretty smoothly. The server site has limited upstream bandwidth and I'm working remotely. Therefore, I haven't been able to pull up all of the cameras at once. After I take the Pi on site I'll have a better idea of how it performs.

I know the issue is closed. I figured I share my results. Once the client has been updated, I'll build again, and maybe roll a package for Raspbian.

Have you made binaries or have the steps to build on th pi2

Brian, I built them for the Raspberry Pi B+. I'll try to build, publish the binaries, and provide build instructions for the Pi 2 over the weekend if time allows.

Thank you that will be great. I have B+ also

Any luck publishing binaries for this? I'd love to try them as a way to view my cameras on a TV (via raspi)!

Jim Bo - Any luck with your build? We have an immediate situation where we think this will be helpful.

Been trying to build this on PI but running into errors trying to build breakpad. Is there some steps I'm missing

Sorry people, we have very little workforce and a lot of things on our todo list. I've asked Bluecherry client app developer to comment there.

For me personally, the build system of client app is very complicated, but that's a legacy which requires substantial effort to replace. Indeed breakpad stuff adds to this complication, so you could try to disable it directly in makefiles and other building scripts.

Brian, you can disable Breakpad dependency by putting these lines in user.cmake file in sources directory root:



thank you

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