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Is there a way to exernally trigger a camera event?

Motion detection via video has its flaws. My front door camera has too many false positives on motion detection.

I would like to trigger a camera when a passive IR sensor triggers. I envision an IR motion detector on an RaspberryPi/BeagleBone that can send some kind of network message to the server to trigger recording one or more camera.

Support for off-the-shelf motion detection modules like Insteon or similar systems would be great to have.

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I use Z-Wave PIR motion sensors and would like to be able to have my home automation system send BC commands to record and send events based on the IR sensors as well. I would think a API call opened in BC would make more sense as then any home automation system could be made to integrate with BC include Jason RaspberryPi idea since the Pi could make an HTTP request to BC directly. Has there been any more movement on this idea? Are there any API calls available outside of the PTZ camera calls I found from a number of years ago? Are there any docs for what API's you do have?

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