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add option: compress recordings that are X days old

provide an option to compress the recordings that are X days old.

that allows the opportunity to save more recordings (disk space saved) before automatically deleting old recording to free up space

Not suggesting transcoding. Suggesting compression - think ".z" or ".gz".

I assume when you provide a FPS option that will also help in limiting the size of the files but that is a different approach.

I think that compression would be a nice feature, especially for people who have processing power to spare because of the hardware compression on cards such as the bc-h16480a.

Curtis Hall wrote:

Attempting to compressing a binary video file offers absolutely no benefits.

  1. -rw-r----- 1 bluecherry bluecherry 29387846 Aug 22 17:46 23-54-33.mkv

  2. -rw-r----- 1 bluecherry bluecherry 29355384 Aug 22 17:44 23-54-33.mkv.bz2

  3. -rw-r----- 1 bluecherry bluecherry 29358886 Aug 22 17:47 23-54-33.mkv.gz

A video file most definitely will not have a tremendous amount of RLE compression (since that is built into the vector encoding of the mpeg4 algorithm). however there will be some - it is very file dependent.

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