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Pan/Tilt support for Trendnet TV-IP672 Megapixel IP cameras

Trendnet TV-IP672P(I) cameras seem to work perfectly fine from an RTSP and MJPG video standpoint, but I am unable to get PTZ to work. The IP422 camera profile does not work for PTZ on this camera. Has this model been taken in to consideration?

Is this issue in the wrong place? Is an "idea" on this system a "feature request"?


There was an issue with certain PTZ cameras in 2.0.0, which should be resolved in the next release (2.0.1), which should be available soon. Were you able to add commands/create preset for that camera but were unable to control it -- if so, please see if 2.0.1 update fixes the issue -- if not we may need access to that camera to see why it is not working.



These new IP672s seem to have a completely different API for PTZ and preset control than the IP422 era cams. I have scoured the web code and javascript looking for the URL and GET commands to send so I can set up a custom control profile with no luck.

After some Wireshark packet capture, I've started to decipher the API for the IP672.

Here is what I have so far:

Home Position: /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=go_home

Presets: /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=goto_preset_position&presetId=2

Relative move:/cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=set_relative_pos&posX=0&posY=10

I've entered the relative URLs into the BC PTZ Settings interface, yet PT control doesn't work. Am I entering them incorrectly? Is it not properly authenticating to the cam? Again, the h264 and mjpg streams work in both the web live view and the desktop client, just not PT control.


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