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motion detection sensitivity level

I have a Vivotek IP8332 IP camera running 1280x800 @ 30fps. It is mounted about 15-20' off the ground pointed at a driveway, straight line from the driveway to the camera is 25' at the nearest and 40' at the farthest.

I have the driveway painted with the low sensitivity level in the motion detection setup but it still is triggering from things like a shadow of a pidgeon flying overhead, or a small sparrow flying through the frame or landing on the driveway. Also reflections off of the back window of my car from passing cars on the street trigger it, though I will admit that pixel count wise they are much larger then the bird problem.

Is this high sensitivity level caused by my high resolution and frame rate, even using the lowest motion detection sensitivity level? I can upload/email video's as examples, just don't want them to be public.

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