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Specific Keyboard Shortcuts For Switching Views

I'm not sure if others would have use for this, but I figured I'd share as it's something I'd find a lot of value in.

The idea is to add certain keyboard shortcuts, specifically for switching to different views. My laptop has a pretty miserable resolution, and likewise, it's quite weak. This makes it a bad contestant to view all of the camera feeds at once for several reasons. It'll play a single stream at full bandwidth just fine, and look decent while doing so, but anything more is asking a bit much.

It could be as simple as having the default mapping set to the number keys, with the selection corresponding to the number the item is in the list of available saved preset views. That way if a user sets up a custom view/single camera/driveway for the first preset, then another custom view/single camera/backyard as the second preset, they could simply punch "1" and be seeing the driveway -- punch "2" and they're seeing the back yard.

On more powerful systems that could pull in multiple streams at once (but maybe not all of the streams if there's a high number of cameras) this could be equally helpful. Being able to hit "1" and you're seeing "zone 1 - shipping" with 4 camera feeds, hit "2" and you're now seeing "zone 2 - receiving" with 3 camera feeds, "3" and there's "zone 3 - storage area" where there's 2 cameras running, etc.

Since pulling in full bandwidth feeds can be taxing on the client system yet for monitoring purposes is still very important, having the ability to switch to presets (which users already have) *but* combined with the ability to quickly switch views without grabbing the mouse and navigating to click would be quite useful.

Just an idea. Thanks for all of your hard work and great product!

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