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Keyboard shortcuts in client.

Hello wonderful people that make Bluecherry possible. I have a feature suggestion -- specifically for certain keyboard shortcuts to be made available within the client.

I just had a situation happen that was caught on my 24/7 recordings. Being able to sift through the footage in the client was very easy, however as I tried to drill down the exact second I found myself a bit limited in the client, as dragging the slider, while very functional and easy to use, was still very difficult to accurately position the feed at the block of 2 or 3 seconds that I was after. There's certain shortcuts that would ramp up the usability of the client quite a bit, in my opinion. These are:

Fast forward 5 seconds

Rewind 5 seconds

Step forward 1 frame

Step backwards 1 frame

Increase speed

Decrease speed

There may be others that I'm not thinking of as well. For example, keyboard toggles to ramp up the speed by 1 notch and decrease the speed by 1 notch (in other words, keyboard shortcuts tied to the functionality offered by clicking the decrease speed/increase speed buttons). These particular functions (the first 4 I listed) are the ones I benefited from immeasurably just now. In my case, I had to download the video to utilize this functionality in a video player unaffiliated with the Bluecherry client, specifically, the "mpv player", based on mplayer/mplayer2.

The situation that took place was a high speed action. As I was trying to drill down to the exact second, along with the need to rewind and see it again, and again, and again, and step forward/backward the frames one at a time for review, I kept thinking that *this* functionality in the client would have removed my necessity just now to download the video and leverage features on an external client for the playback I needed at the time. Given I record at 10 FPS, I was able to see everything I needed to see by stepping frames backward and forward again. If it helps in any way, the first 4 items I listed above are in mpv by using the arrow keys, as well as . , (period, comma).

I've thought about this for a while, as I felt this functionality would benefit the client quite a bit. It would ramp up the client's features to serve as more of a well rounded solution for situations such as this. After experiencing this particular situation where 2 or 3 seconds time is what I needed to focus on, I felt the need to submit an actual request, as I felt it may benefit more folks out there as well.

As always, thank you for the great software, community support, and for simply being awesome. If I can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to ask me. Have a great day!


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