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Client 2.2.2 Issues

A couple of things I noticed while trying to find/view/watch a specific event. Granted this was the first time I've had to access the video for security reasons, forgive my ignorance if these are newbie problems.

#1 - No rewind. If I'm watching an event looking for the best angle of the front of someones hat, I may have a couple of options to choose from. Being able to step back in time at a slow frame rate would be really handy.

#2 - No seek. Client 2.2.2 on Linux Mint 17.2 With no step backwards in time, I go to use the seek scroller. Its almost useless. The position dot doesn't move ever. No matter how fast I watch video or where I click on it to go. I have no idea where the dot is in relation to video length time.

#3 - Zoom. When zoomed in, pressing alt-up pans down on the image. It seems all functions are backwards. I need to pan right in order to look left on the image. Also, with the broken seek, when zoomed in past the camera date/time, I have no reference of time. I have no idea if I've passed my section or coming up on what I want.

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