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Error when I try to change the resolution or FPS of certain cameras

I finally got around to switching from Version 1 to the Version 2 beta, and I can already say things seem a lot better. Though I am running into some problems and have some questions. Here's the biggest problem I'm having.

After I first installed, sometimes when I tried to change the resolution or FPS of any of my cameras, I would get an error at the top of the page that said "Could not apply changes at this time, please try later." Since then, I've managed to change the settings of most of the cameras with success. There are still a few cameras that say they are limited to 2 FPS, but when I view them in the client it says I'm getting 30 FPS from those cameras. The main camera I'm having problems with is "Port 5 on Card 1". Whenever I try to change the resolution to 704x480, it gives me that error message. In the client I can definitely tell that all the other cameras are set to 704x480 like the configuration says, it's only camera 5 for some reason that has the problem.

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