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Media files not being deleted. Storage fills up to 100%


I have been seeing a problem with storage space filling up and not being released since I upgraded to the latest version of the Bluecherry DVR software (2.0.1-1). Currently I have 3 hard drives set to be used for storage and they have a max usage of 95%. The current scenario is that the drives simply fill up to 100% and then no old files are deleted.

So I decided to format the system, re-install Ubuntu (12.04.1) and start over. Unfortunately the same problem continues. I have confirmed that the permissions on the recording folders match what Blucherry sets up on the default folder and the webgui accepts them into the usable storage pool.

Any ideas on what I should be looking for either in Ubuntu or in the bluecherry software?

When the drives fill up the server log has error relating to not being able to create snapshot files and that there is no room on the drive.


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