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problem install bluecherry debian squezee

when I install in debian BlueCherry I have the problem that does not stop the installation, I get to the point where I asked the key MYSQL administration user (root) password and then login as well BlueCherry and confirmed as BlueCherry then continues with the process but as the error falls below.

Creating config file /etc/bluecherry.conf with new version

granting access to database bluecherry for

bluecherry@localhost: success.

verifying access for bluecherry@localhost: success.

creating database bluecherry: success.

verifying database bluecherry exists: success.

populating database via sql... done.

dbconfig-common: flushing administrative password

chown: invalid user: `syslog:bluecherry'

dpkg: error processing bluecherry (--configure):

subprocess installed

post-installation script returned error exit status 1

configured to not write apport reports


up binutils (2.20.1-16) ...


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