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Infinite Loop in Web Viewer

Since upgrading to Bluecherry server 2.3.15 on Ubuntu server 14.04, my users can no longer view live feeds in a web browser. When they attempt to do so, the apache process uses 100% CPU and no image is displayed. Even when closing the browser, the apache process never dies. The only solution is to manually restart apache. Versions 2.3.15 through 2.3.16-2 are affected. Prior versions worked as expected. The desktop client is still able to view live feeds normally. I have tested with multiple web browsers.

I have attached the apache error log while the problem is occurring. However, I don't think it will be much help. There is nothing relevant in the Bluecherry log. There are no PHP messages.

This is a critical problem because many of my users need the web interface, especially for mobile devices.

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