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Ubuntu 10.04 / solo6x10 kernel panic / bc-server stops

Hi Guys,

It appears my recorder (11 composite cameras) crashed late on Sunday night, but the crash wasn't picked up until Tuesday morning.

The bluecherry log just indicated that the server stopped recording at 23:21


Aug 12 23:21:30 cctv-desktop bc-server[1027]: I(2/Outside Kitchen): Motion event stopped

Aug 12 23:21:31 cctv-desktop bc-server[1027]: I(9/Courtyard): Motion event continued

Aug 12 23:21:32 cctv-desktop bc-server[1027]: I(10/Outside Street): Camera thread stopped: (null)

so I investigated the syslog which is attached.

This seems to me to raise a couple of issues,

1) the bc-server crashed, but I did not receive an email notification

2) The server did not restart using the watchdog reset function

Any ideas on how to monitor the bluecherry log for a ' Camera thread stopped:' event in a similar way to fail2ban does with access logs?

Am I expecting to much from the watchdog function (I believe that it should reset the machine if the bc-server application locks up), is it possible to have it restart the machine if bc-server has not been running for some time period (perhaps 30 mins).

Please let me know if you need any further info or logs

Good luck!


John Wilson

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