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Regular login failed SSL handshake error on windows client

I have problem with log-in on the windows client from multiple computers both on the internal network and from the internet. It does work occasionally but the frequency in which it does occur makes the use of the client more or less useless.

The server (2.0.0-1) is installed on a fresh copy of Ubuntu 12.04 and works fine otherwise.

It does appear that it has something to do with the DYNDNS address redirection with the client only. One can login to the web page and see LiveView images at this address but the client refuses to connect at the same address. Is the client setup to only use a certain version of SSL or TLS that is not being passed properly through DYNDNS service? The straight router IP works fine with the client.

Do you have any ideas as to what the error would be and what the course of action would be to fix the problem?

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