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Motion detection corrupt config


I had previously reported this error when I had tried to previously turn on motion detection, but ended up coming to the conclusion there had been an issue with the upgrade at some stage with my database. I ended up just not using motion detection.

After getting to the point of needing more disk space I decided to do a complete fresh install on a bigger disk. This time using Ubuntu 12.04. I also figured I would try motion detection again. Unfortunately the error seems to still be there.

From bluecherry.log:

Oct 11 13:04:07 dvr bc-server[23284]: W(9/Outside Rear): Cannot set motion thresholds; corrupt configuration?Oct 11 13:04:07 dvr bc-server[23284]: I(9/Outside Rear): Camera configuredOct 11 13:04:07 dvr bc-server[23284]: I(9/Outside Rear): Switching to new recording schedule 'motion'

While previously the error was coming up regularly, it's now only on startup of the software, or during a reconfiguration of the device. It's only showing for devices set to motion detection. It doesn't appear to stop the camera's working as expected, but I thought you might like to look at given it was on a fresh install.

Happy to help in anyway to try to track this down.



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