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Axis 221 & 211 cameras incorrect MJPG url

I have about 10 Axis 211 and 2 Axis 221 cameras installed, and we are attempting to get Bluecherry to work with them. The URL we have used successfully for years with other products is /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi and then a series of parameters regarding image size, etc. The parameters are optional.

I attempted to connect one of our cameras to Bluecherry and it just plain didn't work. Then I found the MySQL table that contains the URI for this, and changed it to /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi and voila! it worked perfectly. At least for the first camera. I can see the camera image in all of its glory on the web 'Live view' of Bluecherry.

Thinking I was out of the woods here, I attempted to add another camera. We are monitoring multiple rental properties, and each property has its own IP address, but the cameras are served on their own unique ports. When attempting to add a 2nd camera on the same IP address, but specifying the unique port for the 2nd camera, it just won't connect. I check it manually and the camera is fine - alive and showing video just fine. But Bluecherry won't see a 2nd IP camera on the same IP address but a different port.

Since we have 18 total cameras I have to setup here, and I need to get off the crap monitoring software that we are currently using, Bluecherry is the best looking solution for us (we're a Linux shop here so its a great fit). But I fear that this IP camera support may be at its infancy?

Also I really need to be able to see these cameras in the Bluecherry client, but in that interface there is no cameras showing at all. Not even the first one which shows up fine in the web interface? Why is that? We don't use the RTSP interface with these cameras - its all Motion JPEG.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


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