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nfs server problem


We have 32 wired cameras on 3 bluecherry pcie cards as so we build an ubuntu 12.04 nfs server for storage , the server will hang \ crash and will not respond unless a button restart will be done, as we are more familiar with opensuse products we have reinstalled the storage nfs server with opensuse 12.2 (latest ver) and are surprise to see the behaver.


on the server we try to increase the number of nfsd instances from the default of 4 to 16 but it just cause the server to hang earlier

on the bluecherry nfs client we use autofs to mount the nfs share since writing the mount command in /etc/fstab did not actually mounted the share on startup.

after a few hangs we also try the options rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,noatime by hoping this will solve the problem but it did not !

so we desperately need help ~ ecommendations on the correct nfs optimizations for the client \ server


the server is a new machine i5 8GB mem with a 100GB single system HD and 3 hard-disks of 3T each mounted as a storage volume of 9TB

the nfs export is for the 9TB volume and is separated from the system disk.


the client \ server are connected with a gigabyte switch so the nic's are 1000mb full duplex connection



blich high school

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