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Syslog Error

I had my video stream 'freeze' up today. I was able to connect from my Android devices (IP Cam Viewer Pro) however the video was stuck on a frame from 0600 this morning. Checked the logs and there was no errors around that time. I do see the last motion event was logged about 0600 and then there is a gap until the server started working again around 1200. I opened the bluecherry client at 1200, connected to the server and showed 'error' for the one video camera. Closed and re-opened the camera and it started working again (frames updating correctly). The following error is in my syslog

kernel: [70949.818665] bc-server[2100]: segfault at 0 ip (null) sp 00007fcbe9ca6f48 error 14 in bc-server[400000+1d000]

there is no errors in the bluecherry.log file, it only shows the reocnnection to the database at arond 1200

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