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Unable to configure devices on bluecherry card

I'm not sure whether it's the use of the bleeding edge server (130-nightly1) but after having setup my cameras and system, and getting all the cameras streaming, but now visiting the configure server page on either the local server or a remote client, I can no longer configure any camera settings that involve a preview of that camera. I can't change motion detection settings, or brightness contrast. All I get is what is in the attached picture.

No preview is displayed inf the video properties page, and in the motion page, it remains greyed out.

I'm using the latest version of the client and the bleeding edge server, and the driver that was supposed to include vout fixes, but does not work for the particular card I have.

Update: Rolled back the driver but problem still exists, client revision doesn't seem to matter either since I tried it on a network device with the older version, so this seems to be a problem with the bleeding edge server revision.

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