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Change mjpeg path on camera. (bug?)

I'm testing out Panasonic BB-HCM701 and BB-HCM705

I only had RSTP working so i wanted to change MJPEG path to test some variables.

But i need to change MJPEG path and put some letter behind the RSTP path save, and go back to change back the RSTP path. Before it will save the working path's.

I chose manufactuer Panasonic and model WV-sp302 cause thats the camera i have for over a year working now.

Nevertheless i've found the working path's for BB-HCM701 and 705

Path to

  1. RTSP Path : /MediaInput/h264

  2. MJPEG Path : /nphMotionJpeg?Resolution=640x480&Quality=Standard

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