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Grey, 'smeary' video on playback of almost any clip

I use the latest driver, with 8 analog cameras, the video shown on the live view is always perfect, never a problem. The recorded video is another matter, and a major issue for us.

Choose any day that is in the past, any time, any camera, and I'm 98% certain of getting video that looks like the attached images.

The video in these clips is usually blurry, smeared, or grainy beyond any usefulness.

All the video is being stored onto a NAS unit (Drobo, 8 drive, formatted at EXT4) and we've tried changing the storage location just to see if that was a corruption possibility, and we get the same results.

The majority of the clips even skip around as if the playback engine was trying only display the usable frames.

Then something else weird happens, if I monitor the recorded video for an entire day, watching it minutes after being recorded, it's perfectly fine, playback is smooth and video is clear, if I look at that same footage a day or more later, this is the result.

REALLY need a fix for this.

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