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Time in event viewer is out by 1 hour

Hi Guys,

I recently did a migration from ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 (fresh install). Migrated database, all went well except that the time in the event viewer is one hour ahead of my timezone. The timestamp on the images is correct, and the timestamp in the bluecherry log is also correct.

I've attached a screenshot which shows the problem. The same problem is exhibited in a remote client as well as the local client.

If I connect to the mysql database and do a " SELECT NOW(); " the time is also correct.

I'm a bit stumped so a solution would be great.

I also suspect that this is causing the system to reboot around midnight (which is not good over a weekend monitoring a pub), but I feel that may go away once the time discrepancy is resolved.

cctv@cctv:/var/log$ cat /etc/timezone


Any ideas?

Kind regards

John W.

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