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Continuous recordings only 1 second long.

One of my cameras, an ACTi, has started only recording in 1 second clips since upgrading around June 15 or so. I did another upgrade this morning (Version: 2.2.0-5) and the problem persists.

I've enabled debug for this camera and the only thing I see about it when starting the server is this:

  1. Jun 25 08:46:11 bluecherry bc-server[3609]: W(1018/Play Area 01): Session for rtsp://readonly:readonly@cameraout01.cgfm.local:7070/ has multipe video streams. Only the first stream will be recorded.

  2. Jun 25 08:46:11 bluecherry bc-server[3609]: E(1018/Play Area 01): Failure in recording writing

Any suggestions? I know something went wrong during the DB upgrade, not sure what, but I had to add the rtsp_rtp_prefer_tcp field to Devices manually. The bluecherry.postinst command just hung and showed <defunct> in ps after a bit. The last thing in the console was "++ exit 1" with no success or error message.

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