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Motion Detection Settings not working

I am running version 2.2.6.

I only have IP Cameras. On each camera, I am unable to access the motion detection settings screen. I just get the busy indicator. I have 3 different IP cameras and they all act the same.

For a Sony SNC-Z20N, I use a MJPEG path of /image. this is only a MJPEG camera

For a Foscam 9805W, this supports RTSP. I use /videoMain for both the RTSP and MJPEG path and have also tried a mjpeg of /cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream per

I have a Cisco 2621 camera. I use a RTSP and MJPEG path of /img/video.sav

All cameras are configured as Generic.

I can provide access to support if needed.

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