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Likely timestamping error. Ignoring.

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS running Bluecherry server version 2.2.6. This camera is an Acti D72A IP camera that stops recording at some interval after the server is rebooted.

The server log notes the : Likely timestamping error. Ignoring. message many times. If I reboot the server, (not the camera) almost too much motion is recorded, then at some point the recordings just stop. I can see activity in the Client, but no motion recording takes place.

I have the server set to act as a timeserver and the camera is set to update it's time every hour.

Any ideas?
Camera settings are as follows:


H.264 Profile: High Profile

VGA Asp: Auto

Resolution: N2048x1536

Frame Rate: 15

Video Bit Rate: Constant

Video Max: Unlimited

Video Bit: 6M

Quality: 70

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