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Solo6010 driver on ubuntu 15.10 throws error on installation

Trying to install the solo drivers for my 4 port card [BC-04120A 4 port MPEG4 video encoder / decoder] on a new ubuntu 15.10 desktop, after old system failure. Initially seem to install using release package:, but with the attached error text, and vertical sync was an issue on all inputs. A system update was done. After this, I cannot get the driver to load at all and cannot connect to any inputs, dmesg has no reference to solo6x10. Attached is lspci screenshot showing detection of the card.

I last attempted to install from source after removing the dkms package, drivers appeared to install without error, though no initialization occurs, no mention of the card in dmesg output.

Still looking through my backups for my server key to complete installation of the server components, but want to get this going first.

Any suggestions?



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