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Client install issues -- stuck.

I'm trying to evaluate BC Server/Client. I run Debian (Jessie, generally) and tried initially to get the BC server to install on one of my existing servers with no joy... I gave up and downloaded the BC/Ubuntu 14.04 ISO, dedicated an older server over to BC and all is well. I downloaded Client-2.2.2 for installation -- no joy. 2.2.2 wants libssl0.9.8 and Jessie has moved well past that -- there are no reasonably current sources with libssl0.9.8. Contacted support via chat and was given a link to Client-2.2.3 which won't install as it's compiled against licstdc++6 >= 5.2 -- Jessie is running libstdc++6 v4.9.2-10. I'd really like to run this but I'm not up for an Ubuntu migration. Any suggestions?



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