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I'm running the Ubuntu client and I do not get thumbnails when I mouse over an event . I launched the client from the command line and and I can see where it is attempting to get the image

MediaDownload: started for QUrl( "https://X.X.X.X:7001/media/request?id=4517&mode=screenshot" )

MediaDownload: Media finished

If I login into the web interface at https://X.X.X.X:7001 and then past in the above URL I get "E: Screenshot for this event was not found"

I should note that if I go to that URL and remove the &mode=screenshot I do successfully get the mkv file

The server is a fresh install from just a few weeks ago. It's Ubuntu 14.04.5 fully updated server and running BC 2.6.3

Also, I tried to view the BC WWW and System logs from the client and it says they are empty . I hit the Download Debugging info button but nothing happened

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