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NFS file storage issue

I have an NFS server share I have mounted to the bluecherry server and have set the storage location to store recordings on. I've had this running for a while.

I've only just noticed looking at my recordings that instead of the usual video files I normally expect, I instead have a hidden .nfs0000 type file name. I've reinstalled Bluecherry from scratch and the mount point has the correct permissions as they always have had (bluecherry:bluecherrry owner:group, 770 permissions, etc).

NFS mount options in /etc/fstab: rw,async,hard,intr

OS Ubuntu Trusty

Bluecherry Server Stable 2.6.3

QNAP NAS hosting NFS

Nothing has changed except keeping up with the latest stable OS and Bluecherry releases.

I have manually tested writing files to the mountpoint and they work fine, motion jpgs from my IP Camera running via the BC server also work as normal.

The .nfs000000 files are called Silly Rename files.

Definition of this is:

Unix applications often open a scratch file and then unlink it. They do this so that the file is not visible in the file system name space to any other applications, and so that the system will automatically clean up (delete) the file when the application exits. This is known as "delete on last close", and is a tradition among Unix applications.

Because of the design of the NFS protocol, there is no way for a file to be deleted from the name space but still remain in use by an application. Thus NFS clients have to emulate this using what already exists in the protocol. If an open file is unlinked, an NFS client renames it to a special name that looks like ".nfsXXXXX". This "hides" the file while it remains in use. This is known as a "silly rename." Note that NFS servers have nothing to do with this behavior.

After all applications on a client have closed the silly-renamed file, the client automatically finishes the unlink by deleting the file on the server. Generally this is effective, but if the client crashes before the file is removed, it will leave the .nfsXXXXX file. If you are sure that the applications using these files are no longer running, it is safe to delete these files manually.

So, the software is locking the files but then instead of storing it is deleting them?

Max record storage age is set to 0 days, which should be unlimited.

Record Length is set to 15 mins.

Storage Estimation says: Storage Estimation: 0 days 0 hours and 0 minutues

(You have a typo on the word "minutes", FYI). I've always had 0 estimation for some reason, bug?

Also, if I run these .nfs0000xxxxxxxxx files in VLC media player, they play my camera footage so these are supposed to be stored as media files with their timestamps once the 15 min record length has been hit. I've noticed that every 15 mins the file is regenerated from scratch! So after 15 mins instead of storing as a media file it is deleted and the process starts from scratch.

Finally, I am unable to view the System Log from the BC UI. It just doesn't load. I can view the logs on the server manually however.

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