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Ubuntu 16.04 2.7.9 amd64 server + 2.2.6 Ubuntu Client issues


2.2.6 client on Ubuntu 16.04 presents the following issues:

1. Still very high CPU usage (top reports 216% usage) for 8 live HD streams, although 60% less I claimed on this client version. Is there something I have to change for enabling GPU offloading? Is this a reasonable load for 4 core i3 CPU?

2. Complete system hang when the client's (not window manager's) full screen button is used.

The client runs on a dell i3 desktop with 4GB on RAM, on a dual display setup.

Also, I would like to ask if there is any way that the client restores the previously opened windows on startup. For the moment, in order to restore my previous window layout, I have to manualy open new windows and activate the saved layouts.

One feature that exists on other clients and I find very nice for production environments, is to have the ability to lock the screen allowing interaction only with the client application window, forbidding the operator to mess with the rest of the desktop environment (opening other applications etc). So +1 for this to be implemented on a future bluecherry version.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to comment on the above,


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