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BluecherryDVR Version 2 Installations

A quick question:

Once BluecherryDVR version 2 software has been

purchased, can I install it on more that one server? The reason I ask is

that I have a client that has bluecherryDVR version2 software and his

other site has Zoneminder at the other. I would like to have your

product at both sites.

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As I have seen and read, You pay or license per camera. You can install the DVR server software on as many machines as you like or have need to, but you must have a new license for the number of cameras per computer. The license does know if it has been moved onto a new computer. Each license can only be installed on one computer at a time, Can only use it on one machine.  So if you bought a 16 camera license, that license key can only be put on one computer and can only run one occurrence on one machine. So if you have 8 cameras on each machine, you need to buy two licenses of 8 cameras and install each one on each machine. If you need more, as I understand you can then buy additional camera licenses to apply or add to your current one on a server to add more camera licenses.

When I have had a computer die and had to reinstall onto a new hardware machine, or even a VM, the DVR / License checks back with Bluecherry to see if it is still valid. In that case, I need to contact Bluecherry and they will reset the license so I can activate it on the new hardware.  So yes you can download and install the DVR server on as many as you like. You just have to buy the license to support the required number of cameras for each server. So you are really buying the Camera License and not as much as buying the server software.


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