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I'm like a super newb with rtsp streaming and i need bigtime help!

Hello Everyone!

I would appreciate if anyone could give me an example of

configuration in windows OR linux of a successfully implemented RTSP

stream using any software (doesn't have to be VLC) that uses a webcam as

the source device and is able to be recognized and utilized by bluecherry.

Just a note: I am a linux newb, I barely tickled Bluecherry into my server and got it working. However, in Windows I am proficient enough to understand vague instructions.

This would also be valuable to the community as well as part of the knowledge base. I vigorously searched on the internet for days, all I could find were some dead-end suggestions i couldn't get to work, with no followup posts indicating if the initial questioner got it working somehow.

Anyways, I need to do this because we have a setup that I can't take offline for the time it would take for an RMA. Some of the ports failed on the card and I need to do an RMA. At least with RTSP streamed webcams (power inefficient as ill have to plop down a few pcs here and there) I can temporarily replace the key locations and get the card RMAd (I hope)

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