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Quad view custom mode + audio


Thanks to Curtis his driver fix, I finally got the composite output to work. ( Big thanks to Curtis here!)

Is there any way to customize the quad view modes ? like make it show port 1,4,8,13 or make an 8-view mode? Or maybe fully customize the video output so that I can just show a vlc stream I make of the channels?? Same question applies to the audio by the way.I have the feeling the answer is going to be no.. If so, is this a driver or hardware limitation?

If the hardware is capable of showing 'anything' it gets thrown to, I'm seeing a challenge here ;).

Also when the card gets 'powered' on cold start I get all fuzzy lines on my screen until the driver is initiated. Not a really a problem.. But just asking anyway.. is this something that is possibly fixable somehow?

*edit moved from 'report a problem' to 'ask a question'

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