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Xvision X100V / A-MTK AM9060M IP Camera Support

Good day all.

I am looking to move my current CCTV software over to bluecherry, but before I do I would like to make sure that the bluecherry software can make full use of my Xvision X100V / A-MTK AM9060M IP Camera.

Here is there link for the Camera: Xvision X100V (The Tough Dome).

X100V Datasheet.

X100 Series Quick Guide.

X100 Series Main User Manual.

X100 Series RTSP.

With the current software that I am using I just can not get RTSP video streem working with the Xvision X100V.

The only way with the current software is to pull the video from a http video stream, but this limits me to 640x480 @ 5FPS, where RTSP on this camera supports 1280x1024 (SXGA) at up to 15 fps.

Xvision does have two live demo camera's that can be viewed here:

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards.

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